Zach Bryan Teases New Music Video For “Oklahoma Smokeshow” Dropping On Monday

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It’s been almost 3 months since we’ve gotten anything new from Zach Bryan… at least, officially.

After we were getting new songs pretty much every month there for awhile, naturally it’s had us wondering: What’s he been up to?

Well, aside from touring, it looks like he’s been working on a music video.

Zach shared a teaser on his Instagram for what looks to be a stunning new music video for his song “Oklahoma Smokeshow.”

The gold-certified tune was released last July as a part of Bryan’s 9 song EP Summertime BluesIt’s one that’s stuck with Bryan’s fanbase and pretty much anyone who enjoys country music, with the audio only version being viewed on YouTube over 10 million times. Not to mention a cool 70 million plus on Spotify…

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a girl who is stuck in her small hometown. Bryan wrote and produced the song (and of course performed vocals and played guitar), and it appears he may at one point have been in love with someone who simply wouldn’t leave their familiar home behind.

The pre-chorus and chorus of “Oklahoma Smokeshow” reveal a sad story that will make for quite the dramatic music video. The lyrics state:

“She’s an Oklahoma smokeshow
He’s an a**hole from back home
She’ll never make it out alive
Of that small-town bar scene

Where small vices kill your big dreams
He’d take you home, but he’s too drunk to drive.

I’ve been here, I’ve been up all night
Thinkin’ ’bout a life with you and I
One you’ll never know
‘Cause you’re a small-town smokeshow.”

When you watch the snippet that Bryan shared on Instagram, you’ll see that the video emits a lot of raw emotion and looks to be pretty heavy (and well acted). You don’t get to see a lot from the video, but you can tell that it will easily match the emotion that the song carries itself.

Not many people expected a music video for the hit song, but I think the country music industry is collectively “here for it.”

Bryan keeps the caption of the post short by saying:

“Video out Monday, was an honor to work on this with such amazing people.”

And if you are looking to prepare for the new music video to drop, you might want to listen to the song over and over (and over and over) again if you haven’t done it already:

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