Larry Fleet Performs His Rendition Of “Man Made A Bar,” A Song He Wrote That Was Recorded By Morgan Wallen & Eric Church

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I can’t imagine the uplifting feeling that must come with getting your song recorded by some of the industry’s biggest names.

I know it has to be an out of this world moment for others to see the greatness of something you also feel is great, and you can visibly see the excitement on Larry Fleet’s face the first time he ever hears the demo of Morgan Wallen and Eric Church’s recording of his write, “Man Made A Bar.”

“Man Made A Bar” has been a highly acclaimed track from Morgan’s recent 36-track album, One Thing At A Time, and Larry seems completely stoked to have his song picked as one of the final cuts. And as fate would have it, this song is one of the last that Morgan selected for his album.

In an interview, the “You Proof” singer shared that it was in the final days of cutting tracks that he considered features, and called up his friend Eric to be part of “Man Made A Bar.”

“That was one of the last songs that made the record.  I wasn’t thinking about features.  Literally the last week, I thought maybe I should get some of my friends on here. 

I hollered at Eric, sent him the song, he came in and did it, so it was awesome for me, because I’m such a fan of Eric.”

Larry Fleet has always claimed that his true love is songwriting, and he has a knack for blending themes of faith into songs in a unique way – which you can also hear in this duet:

“God made the world,
In seven short days,
He said it was good,
I bet it was great,
God made a man,
And man got lonely,
He said please Lord, if I could only,
Have an angel to hold in my arms,
So God made a girl his best work of art,
Oh, but He didn’t make no place to go when she breaks your heart,
So man made a bar…”

And after all the excitement surrounding the song, Larry has also added it to a few of his own setlist, performing it for crowds on his Larry Fleet Live Tour.

Any time a songwriter performs an original write, it gives the listener a feel of what that demo may have sounded like, and it’s usually a neat experience to have at a live show.

With this particular performance, it’s easy to see why Larry’s knack for lyrics and vocals might have had some appeal for Morgan Wallen and later, Eric Church.

Here’s the Morgan Wallen studio version, featuring Eric Church:

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