NFL Reporter Slips Up Describing Georgia DT Jalen Carter: “Big D***, Big Guy, 6’3, 315 Pounds”

Jalen Carter NFL

Apparently size does matter in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The 3-day, 7-round NFL draft kicks off later today at 8 EST in Kansas City, Missouri, and anyone who is a fan of football is excited about it. This year’s edition of the NFL Draft is expected to be chaotic with so many questions surrounding who teams will pick and what teams might trade up or down.

NFL Now‘s Bridget Condon was reporting on the NFL Draft yesterday and accidentally let something slip.

The TV show was speculating on who the Seattle Seahawks might draft knowing that the team needs to improve on their defensive line, and Condon gave some interesting facts about Jalen Carter, a defensive tackle out of the University of Georgia.

She might’ve misspoke when she accidentally mentioned Jalen Carter’s… private parts.

When asked about what Seattle might do with their pick, Condone answered with this:

“One of the names we are hearing is Jalen Carter, the D-tackle from Georgia, just won the national championship with the Bulldogs.

Big d***, big guy, 6’3, 315 pounds, he can make an immediate impact, a day one starter because of his ability to create pressure.”

Seems to check off all the boxes of what you want in your defensive line as an NFL team owner:

-Former National Champion

-Big body

-Over 300 pounds

-Creates pressure

Oh, and the other thing that she mentioned, which clearly was a mistake.

Give Condone some credit though, she powers through the slip-up without hesitation and doesn’t miss a beat with the rest of her analysis. Maybe she was just trying to talk about the “big energy” that Carter has on defense?

Watch the interesting and inappropriate NFL Draft breakdown below:

I feel really bad for analysts when things like this happen. We’ve all made mistakes and said things wrong before, but we don’t have a camera pointed at us and a microphone in our hand all the time like these people.

I’m sure she’ll be able to move past it, as long as she doesn’t look at some of the comments that the internet is leaving below the clip:


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