Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Memphis Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks Following LeBron James Nut Tap: “Do You Not Have A Girl?”

Stephen A Smith

The old saying “you reap what you sow” is in full effect with the whole situation revolving around Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

If you haven’t been following along too closely, the Grizzlies are the two seed in the western conference playoffs facing off against the seven seed Los Angeles Lakers.

Many have picked the Lakers to upset the “Grizz,” and last night the “Lakeshow” took a commanding 3 to 1 series lead to put Memphis on the brink of elimination.

The biggest story of the series has been the trash talk by the overconfident (and possibly delusional) Dillon Brooks. The forward has been the “tough guy role player” for the Grizzlies, but recently has done a little too much “talking” and not enough “walking,” if you catch my drift.

After the Game 2 victory for the Grizzlies, Brooks said this about Lebron James:

“I poke bears. I don’t respect no one ’til they come and give me 40 (points).”

Following that comment, the young Memphis team has lost Games 3 and 4, and Brooks has declined to speak to the media following the matchups.

Brooks has been getting roasted by sports commentators and social media trolls since he spoke negatively about one of the best players the NBA has ever seen.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith (whose goal seems to be on ESPN 24/7) took an interesting approach when attacking Dillon Brooks.

Brooks was ejected in Game 3 for punching LeBron James in the family jewels/gonads/ding-dong, and Smith went in on him for “committing such a crime” on Lebron:

“Dillon Brooks, you don’t hit somebody in the balls, man. You don’t hit a man in there. You know that. That’s a crime to hit a man in that area.

We ain’t even comfortable with turbulence in that area, let alone direct contact.”

Stephen A. then went on to ask if Brooks “had a girl” following the incident:

“Don’t you have a girl?

I mean, what if LeBron had done that to you? I mean, will you be able to umm… perform?

You can’t do that!”

Smith, A.K.A. the “King of Sports Content,” can be seen going on his tirade about cheap shots below:

The Grizzlies forward is under fire from all directions, and he even came out and said he was tired of the media “painting him as a villain.”

As many on social media have said, you can’t “talk the talk” and not back it up:

And back to the comment Brooks made about “not respecting anyone until they give him 40,” Shaq had this to say after the Laker’s James dropped 22 points and 20 rebounds last night:

“Dillon Brooks said you don’t respect somebody until they get 40. LeBron got 20 and 20 tonight, that’s 40.”

Brooks made his bed, and now he has to sleep in it (never really understood that phrase).

It appears that the Grizzlies forward is struggling now after the comments he made about LeBron, but social media is showing him no mercy:

Here’s the full episode:

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