Los Angeles Rams Release Strangely Awesome NFL Draft Hype Video Featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Diplo & Cheech

Rams hype video

I’m not sure why the Rams did this (or how much something like this costs), but I will say that it was quite the entertaining NFL Draft hype video.

The 2023 NFL Draft begins on Thursday (April 27th) and runs all the way through Saturday. The draft is being held in Kansas City, Missouri.

Do teams need to release NFL Draft hype videos? Probably not, but the Rams said to hell with it and brought in some heavy hitters (Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Diplo and Cheech) to pull off this  “back in the lab” video.

The video begins with a Bryan Cranston voiceover, saying:

“The draft lab is as much a concept as a place.

Scientists study the past in order to figure out the keys to winning the future.”

Cranston’s recognizable voice is an amazing and dramatic touch, but the best part about his cameo in the video is the obvious Breaking Bad reference.

As he gives the monologue, both him and his Breaking Bad counterpart Aaron Paul are rolling through Los Angeles in an RV reminiscent of the one from the hit AMC show.

Is Bryan Cranston now synonymous with old recreational vehicles? He certainly seems to be embracing it.

The video then brings in Paul, Diplo, and (hilariously) Cheech from “Cheech & Chong” to deliver the meaning of the “lab.”

Just after Rams Head Coach Sean McVay makes his first appearance in the video, Cranston leans in to the camera and states:

“And every year, the lab is built for those who believe the mountaintop is always within reach.”

The serious tone is then quickly dropped, with Aaron Paul revealing what he has been “cooking up” in the back of the RV: cocktails. Paul exclaims that the drinks are ready, to which Cranston responds:

“Cheech, it’s time.”

The camera then reveals the driver of the RV, which happens to be iconic comedian Cheech Marin known most notably for his role in the comedy duo “Cheech and Chong.”

The rest of the video shuffles through the Rams most recent successful draft picks set to dubstep music. Don’t ask why, just watch the likes of Van Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, and Jordan Fuller make their appearances among others.

It also supercuts footage of Rams fans celebrating and tailgating, with Paul even handing some fans cocktails from the RV window and saying “Go Rams.”

The minute and a half long video finally ends with footage of General Manager of the Rams Les Snead going through the usual “hey we are drafting you” phone call:

“This is Les Snead, General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams, you ever dreamed about playing in the NFL?”

I feel like parts of the video are very well done. I’m not even a Rams fan and it still gets me a little fired up for NFL football again (which returns in 4-ish months).

However, I just kept wondering if the whole thing was necessary, you know? There’s no telling how much time, effort, and money went into this production. Seems like they weren’t actually spending time “in the lab” like the video says and spent more time creating a hype video.

You might feel different about it though, so check out this fever dream of an NFL Draft hype video below:

I think it misses for me because I’m not the type that sits down and watches the whole NFL Draft like some die-hard fans do. I’ll actually let you in on my secret method of consuming all the rounds and all the picks in a fraction of the time…

All you have to do is just wake up the day after and look at the draft list. Then, you see where every player is going, and you didn’t waste countless hours of your life.

Save those wasted hours for the ACTUAL football games once they start back up in the Fall.

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