Rick Pitino Forced To Change Phone Number After Accidently Leaking It Himself On Live Television

Rick Petino

Celebrities and high profile individuals like to keep their friends close, and their phone numbers even closer.

It can be a nightmare when phone numbers and other personal information gets leaked to the masses, and that’s exactly what happened to the newly appointed St John’s Head Coach Rick Pitino.

Watch this video below that was posted by ESPN and was included in the broadcast of yesterday’s New York Knicks-Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game.

It was showcasing all of the “stars” that were in attendance to watch the postseason matchup.

The game was at Madison Square Garden, where Pitino will be coaching his home college basketball games now (and used to coach the Knicks in the late 80’s), and see if you can tell how he accidentally revealed his phone number to all those who were watching.

Hint: you might have to do some lip reading:

914-451-7277 is my guess (don’t bother calling, it’s already disconnected).

Rick Pitino hilariously took to Twitter after he began receiving random messages on his cell phone.

The Hall of Fame Coach stated:

“So yesterday I was enjoying the Knicks game and someone read my lips on TV giving out my phone number.

Over 300 plus messages came in- here’s the bizarre news, 95% were nice and positive.

I got a lead on 7 new recruits. My new cell is…”

At least Pitino had a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and I’m sure he has a couple of connections that got him hooked up with a new phone number in no time.

Plus, props to all the people that sent nice messages to Pitino. With all the recent career changes the legendary coach has gone through, you would think some people would be ripping him if they got his number (maybe that’s what the other 5% was).

I also love that “Slick Rick” or “Ricky P” (whichever you prefer) was making moves at the Knicks game. You don’t just give up your number to anyone at MSG. He clearly had a good lead on a potential recruit for St. Johns.

Or maybe a friend was just trying to give him a good suggestion for a slice of NYC pizza to welcome him back to New York…

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