Hannah Dasher Shares Her Favorite Country Music Icons, Including Hank Jr. And Alan Jackson, & It’s Spot On For Her Sound

Hannah Dasher country music

I love me some Hannah Dasher. You are missing out if you don’t follow her on social platforms.

Not only is her music witty, fun, and just plain good, but her ‘Stand By Your Pan’ cooking series makes me want to get into the kitchen.

Recently Dasher took to TikTok to share her favorite country music icons, and who she considered iconic is spot on to how they have inspired her honky tonk rock sound.

Starting this little video series, she lists Hank Williams Jr.

“Who’s my favorite country music icon? Well, I can’t pick just one. 

Well, for starters, Hank Williams Jr., I even keep him on the mantle, right next to Jesus.” 

She touches on the historical impact that Bocephus made on the country music industry early in his career. He paved the way for honky tonk rock and roll to be more widely accepted and heavily influenced the Southern rock sound we all know and love today.

“Man, he’s a triple threat. I try to be. But, I just fake it because I am an entertainer.” 

@hannahdamndasher My favorite Country Music Icon part 1 #CountryMusic #countryicons #icon #country #countrytok #hank #hannahdasher #hankwilliamsjr ♬ original sound – HANNAH DASHER

Up next in this series, she gives the nod to Alan Jackson.

“You are looking at the youngest member of the Alan Jackson fan club from the 1990s.”

Hannah Dasher says he has inspired her through his songwriting skills and the style he puts on his vocals. You can hear the vocal inspiration through and through on her tracks.

She carries a similar twang, and the style she uses to deliver her lyrics is similar to how Jackson does it.

“The only fist fight I ever got into was in 5th grade defending his honor. How do you like me now, Tanea?”

@hannahdamndasher Country Music Icon part 2 #countrymusic #icon #livemusic #country #countrytok #alanjackson @officialalanjackson ♬ Chattahoochee (Extended Mix) – Alan Jackson

Hannah Dasher’s sound follows the sound from the 80s, so it is no surprise that these two icons are on her list. She is evolving that sound into her own and is unapologetically herself with her lyrics and storytelling. I love Dasher for this reason.

Listen to her latest single, “Cryin’ All The Way To The Bank,” and hear the inspiration from the greats before her for yourself.

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