Go Inside The Studio With Riley Green And Justin Moore As They Record Their New Duet “Everybody Get Along”

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Justin Moore and Riley Green sure make a helluva pair.

And they recently teamed up for a feel-good duet called “Everybody Get Along,” which is the lead single from Justin’s upcoming album Stray Dog album.

The song is a lighthearted call for people to put aside their differences – like whether they drive a Chevy or a Ford – to just get along, and still feels more appropriate than ever in the year 2023, in my very humble opinion.

Written by Justin along with frequent co-writers David Lee Murphy and Jeremy Stover, he says the song was actually recorded for his Late Nights and Longnecks album back in 2019, adding that getting Riley on the track was a natural fit:

“To have Riley be a part of it, a guy who I have a ton of respect for as an artist, is great. I love the way he’s fashioned his career. He’s got that ‘it-factor.’

We grew up the same way. He’s an Alabama guy; I’m an Arkansas guy. I’m happy to have him be a part of it.”

And a couple days ago, the duo released a new unofficial music video for the song, where we get a behind-the-scenes look at them laying down vocals and having some fun in the studio.

And honestly, these days it’s pretty rare to have both artists in-studio singing at the same time for a song in-person anymore, so it’s cool to see them doing that, which definitely sells a song like this, as they basically go back-and-forth the whole time.

For some reason, it just makes it feel all the more authentic and purposeful knowing they both took the time out of their schedule to do it the right way.

And no one asked, but I’m on Justin’s side of this debate, and I cannot be convinced otherwise (though I do love some Richard Petty, too):

“You can’t beat Dale Earnhardt…”

Check it out:

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