1923’s Helen Mirren On The Joys Of Working With Harrison Ford: “I Had To Be In Bed With Him, I Was So Excited”

Harrison ford Yellowstone 1923

It’s no secret that the first season of the Yellowstone spinoff series 1923 was a smashing success.

Led by the famed actors Harrison Ford (and Helen Mirren, the show shattered the Paramount+ premiere record after wracking up a mind boggling 7.4 million views for the first episode.

Of course, when you have the likes of legendary actors like Ford and Mirren, that’s going to turn some heads off the bat.

But speaking of the two actors, Mirren, 77, made some hilarious comments about working with Ford during a recent Q&A on TheWrap.

She had some high praises for the co-star, who she also worked with in the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast, but when asked to expound on the best parts about working alongside the acting legend, she confessed that she genuinely loved him.

She said:

“He’s amazing. He really is. The stature he’s held, as a major, humongous movie star, all that time, at the same time as somebody who doesn’t love the limelight. He has this interior quality to him.

He’s come to a place where he can be easy with other actors. It’s immensely generous and incredibly professional. Not remotely spoiled movie star, at all. I genuinely love him. If I wasn’t married …”

Even after working with him in the past, and being a seasoned veteran in the acting business, she still couldn’t help but be giddy over laying in the same bed with him:

“I shouldn’t tell you this but I will… I had to be in the bed with him, you know? I’m dressed up to here and so is he, but I’m lying there and I’m thinking, ‘I’m in bed with Harrison Ford.’

I was so excited, I can’t tell you. I had to pretend to be cool. Don’t tell him… promise me.”

You have to love the humor from ol’ Mirren here, and the chemistry the two was easily noticeable on the show.

Mirren also discussed how she was so excited to get invited to join 1923, that she didn’t even think about reading any scripts beforehand:

“For the first time in my life, I wasn’t given a script. I had no idea what it was going to be, and likewise for Harrison.

We were asked to participate, and you do what you do as an actor and say, ‘Lovely, sounds really interesting. I’d love to read the script?’ But there is no script.

Taylor likes to write for the people that he knows are going to play the role. That was a combination of flattering and, at the same time, sort of rather nerve-wracking because I’d actually never met Taylor Sheridan [beforehand] and maybe when he meets me, he won’t want to write for me.”

Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer Dutton, was pumped to get to work alongside the great Harrison Ford… until he got the script for Season 1 and learned that he had exactly ZERO scenes with him.

“I told all my friends… I mean, he’s Harrison Ford… I was bummed.

We had a moment in the makeup trailer, and I told him ‘I really hope we get some time together, I just hope you’re not dead by the time I get back.'”

We’ll find out in Season 2…

You can watch the full conversation below:

And if you’re looking to flash back on the first season of 1923, check out the full recap:

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