Viral “Masters Girl” Wins Even More Hearts After She Shares Video Striping Golf Balls

Masters Girl

On Sunday at this year’s Masters, Jon Rahm was the talk of the golf world after winning his first ever green jacket.

However, perhaps the second most talked about person at this year’s tournament, wasn’t a professional golfer…

But a girl who was spotted on the 16th tee box at Augusta National, standing directly behind Brooks Koepka.

In the brief clip, you can see her break out into a big smile while repping the iconic green Masters hat.

@double.bogey this made the masters 10 times better #masters #golf #golfgirls #golftiktok #masters2023 #augusta ♬ original sound – lucia &lt3

Dubbed “Masters Girl,” she was later identified as Texas Tech cheerleader/poms squad member Aaliyah Kikumoto from Denver, Colorado.

Needless to say, she’s been rightfully living it up since garnering the new clout, posting pictures on Instagram with her wearing the same Masters hat, and the short but sweet caption:

“Thank you Hole 16”

Now there’s one thing for certain about the Masters, and it’s that it’s one of the top sporting events of the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve played golf your whole life, or you’ve never picked up a club. Just about every sports fan on the planet would kill to have an opportunity to visit the iconic golf tournament, and see the beauty of Augusta National.

But if you assumed Kikumoto has never played golf before in her life, then think again… because the girl probably has a better swing than me, and I played four years of college golf.

She posted a video to her TikTok of herself striping golf balls at what looks like it might be a TopGolf, wearing the same green Masters hat that she was wearing at the tournament.

Pretty impressive, I must say. She can talk the talk AND walk the walk.

And needless to say, if she didn’t already capture the hearts of men across the country just watching golf, just wait until they see her swing.

Check it out:

@aaliyahkikumoto some clips from the other day🤩🤩 #mastersgirl #masters2023 #themasters #golf #golfgirl ♬ Aces – dkj

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