Morgan Wallen Teases Partnership With Ryl Tea Company: “Bring Me Back To My Childhood Days”

Morgan Wallen

What’s ol’ Morgan Wallen cooking up?

The country singer/songwriter just posted to his Instagram of what appears to be a new partnership with a brand called Ryl Tea.

Wallen wrote in the caption:

“Wanted to bring y’all a taste of Tennessee… so I’m working on something special for you guys with the Ryl company. Stay tuned..”

In the post, you can see Wallen and a bunch of friends holding cans of Ryl Tea, with some University of Tennessee gear surrounding them.

And in the last slide, he says:

“What’s up y’all, it’s Morgan Wallen. I’m excited to announce that I’m working with the Ryl company, to bring you guys something special real soon.

They do iced tea better than anyone else, and man, does this bring me back to my childhood days.

We have a lot of stuff coming up, and I just want to make sure you follow them on the socials, so stay tuned.”

So, the question is…

Are we talking about some regular iced tea, or is this some kind of new alcoholic hard tea in the works? A tea-based energy drink?

I just can’t really see the hype around selling some regular ol’ ice tea in a can, and with the way every country artist and their mother has an alcohol brand these days, you’d think a hard iced tea would be in the cards.

I guess we’ll have to wait until we know for certain, but there’s one thing for sure…

And it’s that everything Wallen touches right now turns to gold.

His recent One Thing At A Time album topped the Billboard Artist 100, Hot 100, and Top 200 charts simultaneously for the second time in his career, so I’d say my guy is on a hot streak.

His 2023 world tour also kicked off in Milwaukee this past weekend so needless to say, the dude is in for another massive year.

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