Kangaroo Viciously Attacks Golfer On Australian Golf Course

Roo golf

Golf is an incredibly difficult game.

If your swing is even a millimeter off, you can struggle to hit the ball well. The game is even harder when you play in Australia, where you have to try to dodge punches and kicks from wild kangaroos like this unlucky golfer in the video.

This whole video gives off some real Kangaroo Jack vibes, and if you don’t know what I mean by that, that makes me feel incredibly old (it’s a movie from 2oo3).

The video, which opens up on a Kangaroo approaching two golfers by their golf cart, and while the two golfers are trying their best to defend themselves with their golf clubs from the charging kangaroo, the defense is not effective whatsoever. The kangaroo is unfazed and continues to circle the golf cart, and it seems as though the wild animal has a real problem with the blue-shirted individual.

The playful music in the video adds a nice, comedic touch, especially when the golfer in the blue shirt falls down while back peddling. The man got a couple of “good swings” in on the kangaroo with his club, but as it often causes problems in the golf swing, he came a little bit too inside when he got to impact.

As he finishes his “downswing” on the kangaroo, his body goes down to the grass and then it is ON for the kangaroo. The video stops there, but you have to think the kangaroo started to pull out some “punches and kicks from hell” on the man who had just hit it with a golf club.

The video is captioned with a clever pace-of-play golf joke:

“This is what happens when you’re slow and don’t let a group of kangaroos play through. Catch them hands. That kangaroo is not happy!”

Not sure what the golfers did to deserve the thrashing from the kangaroo, but it made for a funny video.

Hopefully everyone was okay afterwards and the guys who were attacked had a hell of a story to tell on the “19th hole.”

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