Kane Brown Got Lost In The Woods & Called Police To Rescue Him… On His OWN PROPERTY

You can’t make this up…

Kane Brown recently did an interview with Jana Kramer and during their conversation Kane shed some light on a rumor that he got lost in the woods and had to have the police come rescue him… on his OWN PROPERTY.

Now before I pile on Kane, this was the first day at their new house, which is nestled on 30 acres of wooded land, it was getting dark and there are also some cliffs on his property. So with that in mind, here is Kane’s rather embarrassing explanation on how he got lost in his own backyard:

“We got lost for 7 hours. We have 30 acres, it’s all woods, and we made our own trail. And then it started raining, and it started getting dark, and we started running out of gas, and we couldn’t find our trail back. We live by all these cliffs… so everywhere we tried to go and we thought we were getting somewhere, we’d run into a drop off. So we’d run into a drop off, so we ended up having to call the cops, and walking down… Kate thought I was just trying to get out of the unpacking boxes because it was literally the first day we were moving in.”

Here’s a little look into those woods (Sandra Bullock could find her way out blindfolded probably).

In the words of the great Randy Moss… C’mon man.

I grew up on 14 acres, mostly pastureland and some alfalfa field, but the point is, you could walk across the entire thing in less than 10 minutes. Kane says he has about 30 acres and while you don’t know the exact dimensions of his land, I find it HARD to believe it would take anybody 7 HOURS to find their way around it. God forbid he ever go hiking in Colorado… they’d have to send a search and rescue team in after him. Get the choppers, get the dogs, call the Navy SEALS….

And on top of all this, he had the nerve to call the police for help, AND THEN talk about it in an interview. I think I can speak for most of us when I say ain’t no grown-ass man calling the cops to rescue them on their own property, and even they did, they sure as shit are taking that to the grave. Worst case scenario I’m camping out in the woods overnight and I’ll deal with my pissed off wife in the morning.

I imagine Kane has it all figured out by now, but still, I can’t help but laugh my ass off at the whole thing.

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