Nicholas Jamerson Drops “Billy Graham Parkway,” The Last Single Ahead Of His New Album, ‘Peace Mountain’

Nicholas Jamerson

Nicholas Jamerson has done it again.

One of the Appalachian scene’s most prolific artists recently, Jamerson just released his latest single “Billy Graham Parkway,” the final single before his highly anticipated forthcoming record Peace Mountain hits streaming platforms on May 19th.

Written by Jamerson’s late friend Allun Cormier, “Billy Graham Parkway” seems to be narrated by someone who is contemplating the true reasoning behind people’s motivations for doing the things they do following a fatal crash on the Billy Graham Parkway. A stretch of highway in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Billy Graham Parkway is named after Charlotte native and famous Christian Evangelist Billy Graham.

Jamerson took to Instagram recently to announce the song prior to its release.

“Sound on! The next single “Billy Graham Parkway” comes out on April 7th!

Written by my friend Allun Cormier, it’s the last single before the full-length album comes out in May.

Thank y’all for listening. Artwork by Rachel Sinclair”

A rare occasion in which Jamerson is releasing a song he didn’t write himself, his recording of “Billy Graham Parkway” is powerful nonetheless.

Check out the whole thing for yourself here:

Barely two months after the Jamerson and Kristofer Lee Bentley duo of Sundy Best released their comeback project Feel Good Country, Jamerson has continued to release more solo music leading up to his sixth studio record Peace Mountain.

And with about a third of the album released thus far, it’s safe to say Peace Mountain is going to be an absolute songwriting force.

See the setlist, and some of my favorites released thus far, below.

Peace Mountain Tracklist:


Bad Imagination

Billy Graham Parkway

Holler Child

Hang On


Watching the Fire Burn

I Love Blue ft. Magnolia Boulevard

Goin World Wide

Wild Nights, Weird Mornings


Do You Ever Think of What You Could Do?

Mr Buzzard

Wild One

Bad News

This Ain’t Supposed To Happen in Our Town

Kitchen Table Prophecy

Peace Mountain ft. Charles Wesley Godwin


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock