T-Shirt Raises $60,000 For Ohio School Bus Driver Who Went Berserk On Students: “I Do Apologize For My Actions… But I Won’t Take It Back”

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Last week, a school bus driver out of Amherst, Ohio went viral for delivering one of the wildest rants I’ve ever heard in my life, after a student allegedly sprayed perfume and ignited an asthma attack for the driver.

It’s a pretty long rant, but here are a few of the highlights:

“G*d dammit, how much more do you expect me to f*cking take?

I’m sick of you, I’m sick of all of this sh*t. I’m done with it. I’m gonna start kicking some f*cking serious a**. 

Do you hear me? My foot’s gonna be so far up your g*ddamn a** it’s gonna dangle at your g*ddamn nose. I’m done with you. That phone in your bag now, give it to me.

You like to start sh*t too Maya. You’re no innocent, you’re no innocent little angel here. I’m done with this sh*t. I’m done! I’ve had my fill. I’m done with it.

I’m ready to walk off this g*ddamn bus right now, and let you people walk the f*ck home. How much more do you think anybody can freaking take?”

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Yeah… needless to say she didn’t keep her job (she resigned before she could get fired).

The bus driver has since been identified as Jackie Miller, and she recently opened up about what ignited that rant, and how the video inspired a T-shirt idea, along with raising $60,000 to help her retire.

She told 3News:

“I’m sorry for the way this went down, I truly am. I do apologize for my actions on that day. But… I won’t take it back.

This is a plight of all bus drivers… we are treated with such lack of respect.”

A local clothing store created a T-shirt for Miller, and $5 of the $25 shirt has been donated to her for every T-shirt sale.

The T-shirt comes in black or green, with a yellow drawing of a school bus and Miller’s epic line:

“My foot’s gonna be so far up your g*ddamn a** it’s gonna dangle at your g*ddamn nose. I’m done with you. That phone in your bag now, give it to me.”

Mistakes on the Lakes store owner Jacqui Adkins weighed in on why they decided to create the T-shirt:

“We all kind of just felt for her in that moment. Like we’ve all had bad days, we’ve all gone through hardships and I think our hearts just kind of bled for her.”

So far, they’ve raised more than $59,000 online, with more than 2,500 people donating to help Miller retire and go on vacation.

Organizer Jeff Grob also shared his sympathy for Miller, saying that bus drivers are “underpaid” and “underappreciated,” and that:

“Kids these days are out of control and no one is allowed to reprimand them in fear of losing their job. After so many years of being treated horribly by kids and underpaid, this bus driver was done with it and went Red [Forman] on them.

I’m on her side and if it was my kids, make em walk!”

Although they’re raising money for Miller to retire, she says that she wants to keep driving buses, but more than likely just for adults.

She concluded:

“There’s just no words to say how grateful that I am for the people who have supported me. It restores your faith in humanity.

It makes you think that not all people are bad, that there’s really good people in the world.”

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