Thanks To The Internet, We Now Have AI-Generated Hockey Players As Country Music Artists

Steve Yzerman AI
Craig Baird via AI Generator

Artificial Intelligence has been ramping up in 2023, and now we are seeing how we humans have still managed to take A.I. and dumb it down.

With A.I. programs, you have the ability to type in a phrase or a few words describing a picture you want to see, and the software will spit it right out. Artificial intelligence will grab as many pictures and as much information as it can, then it creates an “artificial” photo of what you requested.

Pretty scary right?

A recent “picture” of the Pope wearing a puffy designer jacket went viral on social media, only for someone to come out and say “yeah this isn’t a real picture, it was created with A.I.”

It seems like that could cause some serious privacy issues and could dance on a fine line of human rights violations, but let’s instead focus on A.I. in a more positive light.

As always with the internet, sometimes it can be the absolute worst. However, this Twitter thread shows why it can simultaneously be the best thing ever.

Craig Baird, who is responsible for the badass Presidential mullet AI gallery decided to mash together iconic National Hockey League players with well known country music stars.

The results of the strange, fever dream idea are below in the thread.

See how many you can recognize out of the astonishing 16-person A.I. mashup list:

Which one was your favorite? They are all undoubtedly funny, but I think I would have to ride with the Wayne Gretzky one, for two reasons:

-A.I. does a scary job of making most of these realistic, but the mouth opening on this one is just a touch hard to believe

-Go back and look at it: is the microphone just suspended in mid air? Caught you red-handed Artificial Intelligence! We humans still have the upper-hand (for now).

Such an odd idea, but props to Craig Baird for pulling it off (and apparently comedian Gerry Dee for coming up with the idea).

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