Luke Combs Opens Up About Lifelong Struggle With His Weight On Joe Rogan’s Podcast: “I Want So Badly To Conquer That”

Luke Combs country music

Luke Combs always keepin’ it real.

He was a guest on Joe Rogan’s mega popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast a couple weeks ago, and it was quite a lengthy episode where they talked hunting, how Luke got his start in country music, and so much more.

But possibly the most intriguing part of the conversation was when they got into a discussion about Luke’s lifelong struggle with his weight, and how it’s always been his biggest insecurity.

Of course, he’s also said before that he knows one of his biggest assets when it comes to his power as a country superstar, aside from his great music, is his relatability…

I mean, he’s noted more than once that he looks like a guy who works at the Jiffy Lube, and so many people relate to the fact that he’s just a normal, likable dude, who also happens to be an incredibly talented musician.

But Luke told Joe that being overweight has been something he struggled with since he was a child, adding that it’s a “mountain I’ve always been standing at the bottom of”:

“I think my physical fitness, and my appearance, and my size has always been something that I struggled with, from the time I was a child.

And it’s this mountain that I’ve always been standing at the bottom of, trying to run up but then inherently slipping down every time, right?

And it’s this thing that I feel like if I don’t overcome it in my lifetime, it will be my biggest regret, without a doubt.”

It’s definitely a different tune for Luke to open up so deeply, who always comes across as super confident and secure in himself, but of course, we all have things we struggle with people would probably never be able to guess.

Honestly, it’s really cool to hear him talk about a struggle that so many people have, and plenty will certainly understand where he’s coming from.

He continued, saying that it has less to do with what others think about him, though, and more about living a long life and eventually getting to be outdoors and do fun things with his sons as they get older, like hunt and hike:

“It is a burden that weighs so heavily on me.

And not because I care what other people think about me, about the way I look, about my size or any of that. It’s because what I feel like it means about me as a man.

Because there’s this thing that I wanna accomplish that is solely up to me, nobody else can do it for me, nobody did this to me. I want so badly to conquer that, and I will.”

Luke says when they day does finally come that he’s fully confident and at his ideal weight, it will mean so much to him and his family:

“And I’m excited for that day to come, because I know that will mean so much to me. I want it to mean something to my children…

I wanna be runnin’ around the yard with my children. I wanna take my son on an elk hunt when he’s 16 years old and hike up a mountain when I’m in my late 40’s. I wanna do that with him.

And I know right now I can’t do that with him, and that bugs the shit outta me.”

Joe added that it’s a very attainable goal, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel that way, and if he sets his mind to it, Luke will have no problems getting there eventually.

Luke agreed, saying that’s the beauty of it:

“I think there is beauty in that… that it is something that can be accomplished.”

Just like seemingly everything he does, I have no doubt that Luke will get there one day and totally crush it in the process.

And props to him for being so candid and honest about a subject that’s not always easy for anyone to address, but especially something you hardly ever hear men talk about on such a big platform.

Just another reason to love him, really…

Luke released his fourth studio album Gettin’ Old this past Friday, and he and his wife Nicole recently announced that their second child, another baby boy, is due this September:

You can watch that clip from the podcast below, and listen to the whole episode exclusively on Spotify.

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