Elk Seen Wearing A Mountain Lions Remains Like A Hat


Nature is wild.

This stuff is always crazy to see.

Bull elk are absolute units of an animal. Weighing up to 1,000 pounds and sporting massive antlers that can grow over 5 feet and weigh over 40 pounds.

Mountain lions are the largest species of cat found in North America. Adult males can weigh up to 150 pounds, while females typically weigh around 100 pounds. Mountain lions have powerful legs and sharp claws that they use to take down prey and they are known for their ability to jump up to 20 feet in a single leap.

Mountain lions are one of the primary predators of elk in the wild. They will often stalk and ambush elk, using their powerful jaws and sharp claws to take down their prey. Mountain lions are opportunistic hunters and they will target both young and adult elk.

This bull elk had some fight though and was ready for this mountain lion clearly.

The elk is seen sporting the remains of a mountain lion tangled up in his young antlers. The short clip paints the whole picture clearly, as the hide of the lion sits stuck on the brow tines.

A warrior of an animal… and he is still young.

I think it’s safe to say he has earned his respect among the herd.

Utah Driver Finds Pair Of Young Mountain Lions Eating Deer

Mountain lions are one badass animal.

Even the young ones are absolute killers. It’s their only option to survive. Deer are their preferred meal but they will go after just about anything that’s a living animal and they are constantly hunting from the morning to night. It’s all they do.

This is what makes them so elusive, they are hunters all the time. Always on the lookout for an easy meal, or any at all, they have to be sneaky.

It comes as no surprise to see a couple young ones feeding on a deer. I mean, it would be shocking to witness right there on the road like that, but it just makes a lot of sense.

They say, if there’s deer around, the cougars are there too.

This couple was driving through the night when they came across this wild scene smack-dab in the middle of Mirror Lake Highway in Utah.

Two young mountain lions were having themselves some dinner in the form of a deer right on the road.

Now, it’s unclear if they took it out or just came across some roadkill and took the easy meal. They are known to be fairly opportunistic when it comes to deer.

The young cats munch away at it as the vehicle watches, very unconcerned of the people there, solely focused on food.

The driver was worried about her own pets, however, was happy to report no casualties:

“Mirror lake highway alert… Between dumpster and smokehouse – don’t worry, all chickens, goats and dogs accounted for when I got home!”

Witnessing these animals is amazing, of course only if in a safe environment and when they are already well fed makes it a little more comfortable.

I hope to come across something this crazy someday.

Canada Lynx Takes Down Adult Mule Deer

Size matters? Not to a lynx is doesn’t…

In this insane video filmed near Fort Saint John, British Columbia, we get to see just how powerful a lynx can be, even against an animal that weighs four times more than it does.

For starters, a full grown Canada Lynx tops out around 30 pounds, with most of them weighing somewhere around 20-25. A mule deer doe can get up near 180 pounds but most of them clock in somewhere around 150 pounds.

Of course these are just averages and estimates, but either way, you can see the stark contrast in size.

Did that stop this lynx? Nope.

The doe is able to land a kick during the initial attack, but as soon as that lynx latched on to the head and the neck, it’s all over.

According to Hinterland Outdoors, the lynx killed the muley and was spotted days later enjoying the spoils of its victory.

Nature, man… it’s wild.

The end result.

And he was still there, four days later.

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