Man Tries To Kiss Possum & Ends Up Getting Bit Right In The Mouth

Kissing possums


It’s actually pretty rare for a possum to carry rabies, however they can be a host to other pathogens and diseases like leptospirosis.

Possums are a highly misunderstood animal. They are actually pretty cool, with an immunity to some different snake venoms, their ability to eat things we all hate like ticks, mice and rats, and really, they aren’t even close to the biggest pest around.

They’re mostly just ugly… big deal…

This video was more than likely sponsored by a few wobbly-pops. It’s the only logical explanation for a group of the boys standing around grabbing a possum out of a hole in the woods at night.

The video starts with a man reaching elbow deep into a hole and coming back out with a possum by the tail. The man goes in for a good ol’ possum kiss in the mid-section of its body and that’s when the plan derails completely.

The possum flips up and bites him right in the face.

I bet he pounded a few more drinks after that one.

He drops the possum as his friends all cry in laughter, but if he does come down with some kind of infection, something tells me he won’t be laughing anymore.

Be careful with possums… getting bitten isn’t that fun, no matter how much it will make the lads laugh.

Possum: The Most Incredible Redneck Drinking Game Ever Made

Spring is here, and as the weather begins to warm, the drinking games will crawl out of hibernation.

Beer pong, flip cup… all fine and dandy, but when you want to take it to the next level, you’re gonna need something different.

Enter… Possum.

(Yes, this is 100% a real drinking game…)

Originating in New Zealand, (probably when Frodo was stuck in that tree) Possum is probably the simplest, and most fun, drinking game you can imagine.

And the best part? All you need is a tree, yourself, and beer.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Climb a tree (along with your case of beer – tricky), get situated up there. GET COMFY.

Step 2: Drink beer until you fall out of the tree.

That’s it. That’s Possum. First person to fall out of the tree loses.

Maybe you’re playing by yourself… the game is over when you fall out of the tree. Usually this is played with two or more people, but we must adapt and overcome.

Oh, bring some music up there…


And speaking of Possum, here’s “A Good Year For The Roses” featuring Alan Jackson.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock