Revisiting Hank Williams Jr’s Legendary “Tear In My Beer” Music Video

Hank Williams Jr. country music

We can all agree that it is hard to beat Hank Williams Jr., and I think it is safe to say that any music video that could bring together Bocephus and his father, the late great legendary Hank Williams, would be the greatest of all time.

You’ve probably already seen it dozens of time, but just in case you haven’t, treat yourself to the legendary music video for Hank Williams Jr’s 1989 hit (and Hank Williams’ 1950 hit) “Tear In My Beer.”

The music video, which was released in 1989 along with the song, allowed for the father and son to sing the song in tandem. The duet between Williams Jr. and Williams Sr. sings about the only way to get through heartbreak: beer.

Originally sung by Hank Williams in the 1950’s, then re-recorded by Williams Jr. in 1989, the song is incredibly timeless. However, I wouldn’t want anyone else to sing it in the present day because no modern version of this song could hold a candle to this classic country hit. Try and beat this lyrical masterpiece of a chorus:

“There’s a tear in my beer‘Cause I’m cryin’ for you, dearYou are on my lonely mindInto these last nine beersI have shed a million tearsYou are on my lonely mind…”

The music video starts with Hank Williams Jr. singing by himself in the studio for the first minute or so, then the silhouette of his father lights up in a door behind him (as lightning flashes in a Twilight Zone-esque shot).

Technology has come a long way since the creation of this video in 1989, but you have to give the production and video editing crew props for allowing Hank Williams Jr. to step through the door and enter into the 1950’s in order to sing and play the remainder of the song with his father.

Bringing together the father-son duet is both a touching moment and an excellent visual for all country music fans to appreciate. Like the song’s theme throughout, this heartfelt moment of bringing together two country legends might just be enough for viewers to shed their very own tears into their own respective beers.

A legendary throwback music video for two legendary country music artists.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock