Swole Mountain Goat Earns Viral Reaction

Mountain goat

It seems like there are always debates about who the G.O.A.T. actually is, but I think this hella-swole mountain goat might be here to end all discussions and take the crown of the one and only… GOAT.

This fella puts the MOUNTAIN in mountain goat, sheesh.

This now-viral video catches a glimpse of the wild animal walking through the forest for only a few seconds, but that was more than enough time for Twitter users to be in awe of the goat’s killer physique.

Users made the obvious jokes of “so that is what Tom Brady has been up to” and “this Goat looks like the Final Boss of a Video Game.”

Last time I checked, there aren’t any Planet Fitnesses out in the wild, but this goat has seemed to have figured out that walking up and down mountains all day is a pretty effective workout plan. If the person shooting the video would have followed the goat for a bit, there is a good chance it would’ve led to some sort of bench press/squat rack set up.

Imagine how viral a video of the goat’s max bench or max squat could’ve gone.

For a second it seems like it isn’t even real right? Is it a white gorilla? That maybe this is another case of being fooled by the internet? I

With the angle it is shot from and the majestic, mountain background, it kind of gives off vibes of the classic “Bigfoot Caught on Tape” video.

I don’t mean to start a hypothetical “who would win in a fight scenario,” but I simply can’t help myself.

If there was a fight between the infamous Bigfoot and that brick house of a goat, I think I’m putting my money on the goat. I would love to see the odds for that fight, and I would certainly love to see the ratings it would pull for a UFC pay-per-view.

That goat looks like it’s been bulking for years and hasn’t eaten a carb in ages.

That goat looks like it would be happy to tell you about CrossFit.

That goat looks like it is getting ready for a role in a super hero movie.

That goat looks like its name could be Chad.

I could go on and on with “that goat looks like” jokes, but I’ll save you the time and encourage you to just watch the video a couple of more times.

Thank goodness the person that was filming that video was keeping their distance from the yolked mountain goat. We don’t have much information on where this video was filmed, but it had to be in a state that has open-carry laws because that mountain goat is showing off some major guns.

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