The Bass Pro Shop’s Memphis Pyramid Is The 9th Largest In The World

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Gosh, I love America.

Pyramids are one of the great architectural designs of human history.

The Pyramids at Giza are easily the most iconic, and come with a slew of theories about how they were able to be constructed over 4,500 years ago. Was it insane lost technology? Aliens? A long gone civilization of humans more advanced that even us today?

Perhaps we’ll never know.

But the Egyptian pyramids are far from the only ones on Earth.

The Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico built extraordinarily impressive structures and today’s societies have also built modern versions, with the largest in world being in North Korea and others in Las Vegas, London, and, the pride and joy of rednecks far and wide, Memphis, Tennessee.

Located beside the Mississippi River, construction on the Memphis Pyramid started in 1989 and opening day was November 9th, 1991, hosting a concert by Naomi and Wynonna Judd.

Standing 321 feet tall, it is the 9th tallest pyramid on the face of the Earth, according to WowTravel.

It was originally used as a sports and entertainment venue, hosting concerts, sporting events, and boxing matches, including the legendary fight between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, where Lewis won by 8th round KO.

But by 2007, after various negotiations with sports teams fell through, the building lay practically dormant. That didn’t last too long, as the idea of a lifetime came to fruition after 5 years of discussions when the city and Bass Pro Shops came to an agreement in 2010 to create the wonder of all wonders for outdoors lovers nationwide.

The pyramid was turned into a mecca for all things outdoors. Not only does it contain a mindbogglingly large retail store, it also houses a shooting and archery range, laser tag arena, bowling alley, aquarium, multiple restaurants, and a hotel.

Millions of tourist come to see this insane spectacle every year, making it one of the top attractions in the city, along with Graceland.

The 9th largest pyramid on the planet and it’s a Bass Pro Shops… Absolutely love to see it.

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