Deer Launched 50 Feet Into The Air Colliding With A Volkswagen Beetle

Deer car accident

Hitting a deer absolutely sucks.

But if you live in an area with a large population of deer, it just becomes part of life. Keeping your eyes peeled, using those high beams, knowing the spots they’re more likely to cross the road… an yet, sometimes you just can’t avoid them.

And even if it hasn’t happened to you (knock on wood), you undoubtedly know someone who has hit one (my dad has hit two).

It can total your car, the deer will most likely die, sometimes the driver can be injured if it comes through the windshield… it just sucks all the way around.

Yet, thanks to dashcams, we can catch more of these brutal encounters than ever before. And sometimes, it’s just mind-blowing.

This video might just be the craziest I’ve ever seen…

A Volkswagen Beetle is driving down a Montana highway when a poor deer makes the decision to try and cross the road… big mistake. The Beetle smashes into the deer, launching it over 50 feet into the air, so high that it goes out of view from the oncoming car.

It doesn’t even look real…

Deer Runs Full Speed Into Garage Door


Bright sun, white garage door, and an asphalt driveway makes a bad combination for deer.

In this new video shared by a man near Hagerstown, Maryland, his security cam catches a heard of deer running full tilt right for his garage door.

Luckily for the rest of the herd the leader of the pack goes HARD into the door, giving the rest them barely enough time to stop before they meet a similar fate.

You can hear the homeowner scream “WHAT THE F*CK!?” after the big boom that popped the door to the house inside the garage open.

“It caused the air pressure to change enough that it popped open my kitchen door to the garage also. I walked out there and was quite confused.

You can hear me say “wtf” at the end of the video.”

Once the deer all scramble off in separate directions, all appears to be quiet on the home front… not the case.

According to the homeowner, one of the deer made their way to the backyard and went right through the back gate, leaving it in pieces.

“As soon as I went out front I could see fur on the door. Then I walked around the corner and the gate to my back yard was mangled, off the hinges, and flat on the ground.

I looked up and two of those stupid deer were in the back yard.”

Damn deer…

And for those that think the driveway looks icy, it’s not.

It was sunny and 45 degrees…

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