Spotify Has A “Secret” Feature That Allows You To Search For Song Lyrics If You Don’t Know The Title

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Where has this been all my life…

There’s nothing worse than having a song stuck in your head, or listening to a song and then not remembering the name of it and frantically trying to find it on Youtube or Google, and Spotify has the perfect solution.

There’s actually a “lyrics search” feature, which apparently launched back in 2021, where you can use the “search” function for more than just looking radio stations, playlists and albums…

You can type in the lyrics you have stuck in your head (using at least three words), and “songs with those lyrics show Lyrics match in the results” will come up with a list of songs, which will get more specific depending on how many words you enter.

And if you aren’t having luck with the words you’re using, because too many other tunes are popping up that aren’t right, using “AND” and “NOT” can help narrow it down even more if the song you’re thinking of isn’t showing up in the results.

For example, typing in “Rolling Stones NOT Devil” to pull up all tracks without said term, if the lyrics are too similar and you’re not yielding the results you want.

So this really means, you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages on Google to no avail, still humming those same words in your head for three days while going crazy because you can’t figure out what the song is.

We’ve all been there before, right? And not much is more frustrating then never figuring it out, especially if it’s a good song you want to hear again…

A user on Twitter shared a clip of how it works, and if nothing else, it’s certainly a time-saving hack that I will probably be using a lot going forward:

“I was today’s years old when I realized that you could search for songs on Spotify using lyrics — helpful for when you don’t know the song title or artist…

Mind blown! Anyone else just finding this out?”

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