Alan Jackson Reveals Another Album Isn’t Out Of The Question: “I Feel Like There Will Be Some More Music”

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Never say never when it comes to the great Alan Jackson.

The country legend sat down with his daughter, Mattie Jackson, on her In Joy Life podcast this week to talk about his new Silverbelly Whiskey and the process of creating that, as well as some of his early days in Nashville and how he got into songwriting, and even detailed how he never thought “Chattahoochee” would be a hit.

He most recently put out his fantastic Where Have You Gone album in 2021, and later revealed he had been diagnosed with a genetic disease he got from his dad called CMT, or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

Alan has since been on what was essentially a farewell tour, and has understandably taken a break from performing and being out on the road.

And all of that left a lot of fans thinking he probably wouldn’t be focused on cranking out another project, but apparently, that’s not the case at all.

In fact, he told Mattie that he actually hopes he will put out another album one day:

“Yes, I would hope so.”

He added that the creative part of him is constantly going, and he’s always working on lyrics or melodies in his head, so he thinks there will certainly be more new music to come down the road:

I mean, I may not tour much again, but like I said, the creative part jumps out every now and then and I’m always scribblin’ down ideas and thinkin’ about melodies.

I feel like there will be some more music to come, yes.”

He’s staying pretty dang busy right now with his daughters, and he recently welcomed his first grandson Jackson in December of last year, and Mattie also has a wedding coming up in May to her fiancé Connor Smith, so I doubt it will be anytime super soon if it happens at all.

Either way, that’s enough to get me fired up on this lovely Wednesday afternoon, because honestly, we need so much more of this…

“Where Have You Gone”

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