Shaquille O’Neal Hilariously Asks Charles Barkley If He’s Drunk At NBA All-Star Game: “What The Hell You Drinking?”

Charley Barkley

The million dollar question at this year’s NBA All-Star draft is…

Was Charles Barkley drunk?

While discussing LeBron James’ All-Star reserve selections on the TNT broadcast before the All-Star game, Shaquille O’Neal called out his friend and fellow analyst for sounding like he was feelin’ it a little too much.

Barkley could be heard saying in what appeared to be a drunken tone:

“Ain’t no bad picks today, all these guys are great.”

O’Neal then hilariously said:

“Why does it sound like you’re drunk? You alright?”

Barkley responded:

“No man, it’s my mic.”

And O’Neal proceeded to say:

“No, it ain’t the mic, it’s you… What the hell you drinking?”

Barkley continued to blame it on the mic, causing him to sound off.

Ernie Johnson then hilariously responded:

“Always blame it on the equipment.”

But O’Neal wasn’t having any of that, continuing to state:

“No that’s you, you’re drunk. I want to thank Patron for sponsoring Chuck.”

And of course, they were in Utah which is a dry state, which Kenny Smith pointed out during the broadcast.

And speaking of Utah, ol’ Charles didn’t sound like he was a fan of the laws in Utah:

“These people going to heaven. There ain’t nothing to do in this boring-ass city. It’s a great city, but ain’t nothing to do here. Can’t smoke. Can’t drink. These people going to heaven.”

Now we don’t know what was going on when the analysts were off air, but considering they were broadcasting a laid-back All-Star game, you already know they were having themselves a time.

O’Neal continued:

“Say something Chuck, I’ll smack you with this mic right now.”

Barkley snapped back:

“I’ll tell you what, there ain’t enough people to pull me off your ass. Don’t say another word.”

And then O’Neal hilariously said:

“Another word.”

And they proceeded to laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Ol’ Chuck and Shaq, never change.

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