Go Behind The Scenes With Drake Milligan For His Opry Debut

Drake Milligan country music

If the name’s not on your radar, you better put it there.

Drake Milligan made his Grand Ole Opry debut in October of last year after a unique rise which featured run on America’s Got Talent (third place), a quick stint on American Idol (dropping out to move to Nashville), and starring as teenage Elvis in the CMT Series Sun Records. 

But all that time spent in the spotlight didn’t change what he truly wanted to do, which is make traditional country music, which he proved with his debut album Dallas/Fort Worth

The Opry just released a behind the scenes video which show the lead up to his debut and it’s well worth the watch. The 24 year old clearly has that “It” factor that so many talk about, just naturally fitting in while still being humble enough to recognize how incredible it all is.

He shared the day with his father, who runs a scrapyard and was just so beyond proud of his son, welling up with tears immediately upon seeing him backstage.

“Proudest I’ve been is him becoming an artist of his own. People always told him what to play and what not to play, and he stood by his guns and wants to be a traditionalist, and this is the mecca of all traditionalist, The Grand Ole Opry.”

Drake then spoke of how he and Tony Brown, a producer who worked with Elvis, linked up. Turns out Tony was a fan of Sun Records, and immediately took a liking to Drake on the show.

“Tony Brown, I’ve been a big fan of for a long time. He played keys with Elvis back in the day and also produced just a million amazing country records, impactful country records.”

Well, he got in that iconic circle and gave it his all. Safe to say, the crowd loved it.

Drake Milligan, ladies and gentlemen. Keep your eye on this guy…

“Sounds Like Something I’d Do”

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