Skip Bayless Says White NFL Owners Won’t Hire Black Coaches Because “They Need To Go To Dinner With The Wives & They’re Just Not That Comfortable”

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is known for stirring up the comments section with his hot takes.

The Undisputed co-host has faced a ton of criticism for his takes over the years, and most recently, he was under fire after his comments after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on the middle of the field against the Cincinnati Bengals:

“No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game – but how? This late in the season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the regular-season outcome… which suddenly becomes irrelevant.”

And now, he’s back at it again.

During yesterday’s episode of Undisputed, Bayless shared his reasoning behind why white NFL owners won’t hire black coaches…

And it’s because they don’t feel comfortable interacting with their significant others.

He said:

“I have been dumbfounded by it. It has been inexplicable to me. But in the end, it’s really pretty explicable.

I’m going to boil it down to: These older white owners just aren’t that comfortable with a black head coach because they need to interact, they need to go to dinner with the wives or the significants or whatever. And they’re just not that comfortable.

When they do have an interview, it’s gonna be a quicker click with a young white hot candidate. It’s just culture, it’s just the way life is.

And I don’t know how to defeat it, because each of these guys is an independent owner in the umbrella of the NFL and it’s hard to legislate ‘you must hire a black coach’ … you can’t unless it’s in the man’s heart to do the right thing — and every once in a while you have the Rooneys in Pittsburgh who did the right thing.”

This whole conversation stems from the fact that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has yet to be hired as an NFL head coach, after he helped coach the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win this past Sunday as well as another Super Bowl win back in the 2019 season.

Of course, the jury is still out on whether or not Bieniemy will get a head coaching job next season, he’s reportedly being considered for the Washington Commanders OC position:

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