Ben Burgess To Make His Grand Ole Opry Debut Next Week

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Robby Klein

You love to see it.

Ben Burgess is officially making his debut at the Grand Ole Opry next Tuesday, February 21st, which he just announced in a post on Instagram.

He also shared a video telling one of his band members the news, and it’s obviously a dream come true for any artist to take the stage at the Opry, so it will certainly be a special night for Ben and his band to step into that hollowed circle as a headliner after many years of hard work to get to this point:

“see yall at the Opry next week we gon do this thing rite.”

You might first recognize Ben’s name from his work as an incredible songwriter, seeing as he’s penned #1’s for the likes of Morgan Wallen, most notably his mega hit “Whiskey Glasses,” which has been certified 7× Platinum by the RIAA.

He released his debut studio album Tears the Size of Texas last year, and it was one of my favorites of 2022, so I’m excited as a fan to see him taking this big step in his career.

It only seems right to cue up “Started A Band” now, which tells the true story of how Ben lost a girl to the lead singer of a band at a concert he took her to… so he left the venue and started his own band.

And it’s easy to say looking back now, but it’s certainly him that’s gonna have the last laugh taking center stage at the Opry in a few days…

“Started A Band”

We had Ben on the podcast at the end of last year, and it’s one of my all-time favorite episodes, so if you wanna get to know him a little more, he’s so funny and very candid and it’s well-worth checking out:

“Tears the Size of Texas”

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