Patrick Mahomes Gets Hilarious Ovation Coming Out Of Porta-Potty At Super Bowl Parade

Patrick mahomes

Promises made, promises kept.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl in the past four seasons after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

Needless to say, it’s been an absolute party in Kansas City, and I’m not sure if any of the players will remember any of this week, because they’ve been blacked out from partying their asses off.

And one of those players who I’d bet my life savings has been having a time and a half this week?

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

And if you need any proof of that, just check out my guy slamming Coors Lights while wearing the beer goggles during the Super Bowl parade:

The mountains have never been bluer.

Bathroom break:

After Sunday’s game, you could hear Mahomes say:

“I’m about to hammer, like, 100 Coors Lights.”

And the thing is, he probably already has.

The QB is a confirmed Coors Light enthusiast, as he once drank a venue out of the beer in Dallas, Texas, while he was at one of comedian Andrew Santino’s shows.

Santino recalled the wild night:

“He came for the first show, and he was like ‘Man so f*ckin’ fun,’ and he goes, ‘Alright, well then where do you want us now?’ And I was like, ‘Oh I’ll see you. I’m going to do the second show. You guys go have fun and I’ll see ya whenever.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I think we’re gonna stay for the second show.’

I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I thought for sure he would dip but he’s like, no, we want to stay. And the server comes up to me she’s like, ‘That’s your party right?’ And I was like ‘Yeah, whatever I’ll take care of the bill like whatever it is.’ s

She’s like ‘No no, no we’re comping everything anyway, I just want to let you know like we have someone that’s going to get more Coors Light, because Mr. Mahomes has finished all the Coors Light.’

I’m not kidding when I say this, maybe 13 the first show, and maybe 10 the second show…. And then we went out.”

However, we’re all still waiting for Mahomes to chug Coors Light from Cooper Manning’s cowboy boot…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock