Brantley Gilbert Jumps Into The Crowd To Kick Out A Man Who Hit A Woman

Brantley Gilbert country music

Ol’ BG coming down from the stage to take out the trash.

A video from a recent Brantley Gilbert concert, reportedly at OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada shows the crowd pointing out a man who had allegedly punched a woman.

BG, who’s on stage with a bra in his hand, decides to take things into his own hands (things other than the bra) and jumps down from the stage to confront the man.

After identifying the culprit, Brantley gets in his face and tells him to “chill the f*ck out” as the women around him call for security.

Brantley then thanks the rest of the crowd for coming out as he wraps up his set, still on the railing at the front of the stage.

@kathryncrawford This is why we love Brantley Gilbert, the man behind me punched a girl, and @brantleygilbert came right down! ❤️ #brantleygilbert #country #sohelpmegod #bgnation #getrollintour #fyp #foryou #sonofthedirtysouth ♬ original sound – Kathryn Crawford

And of course one woman took the opportunity to ask Brantley for a selfie while he was down there…I mean come on, read the room lady.

This of course isn’t the first time Brantley’s had to intervene with a rowdy crowd.

Back in 2020, BG stopped his show to address some fans who were causing trouble, telling them to “shake hands and say ‘I’ll see your ass in the parking lot.'”

Of course Brantley’s stopped drinking these days, so he’s probably less likely to get down in the mud than he used to be. But something tells me he’s one guy who could hold his own if he needs to.

Brantley will be hitting the road this summer opening for Nickelback on their 2023 Get Rollin’ Tour. 

Hey, at least this guy didn’t get kicked out of one of those shows and have to miss Nickelback…

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