Megan Moroney’s New Single “I’m Not Pretty” Is Here, And Does Not Disappoint

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This single just topped tongue-in-cheek humor.

Last week Megan Moroney teased her new single, “I’m Not Pretty,” and the highly-anticipated tune dropped today.

Moroney does it again with this single, making this a soon-to-be anthem for her young adult audience.

The lyrics take you through breakup sensitivity and how social media can impact moving on, and the negativity can be thrown your way from an ex-flame’s new partner.

She starts the song by making it seem like it’s going to be sad but then throws in a zinger during the chorus explaining how it’s pathetic to tear down others in order to build your own confidence.

“Somewhere out there my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s scrolling through my Instagram
Tearing me down, passing the phone around like there’s nothing better to do
Zooming out, Zooming in overanalyzin’
Like the queen of the mean girls’ committee
But hey whatever helps
Keep on telling yourself
I’m not pretty…”

It is the ultimate “Do you really not have better things to do?” statement.

The catchy slide guitar riff after this chorus will be stuck in your head instantaneously, and the lyrics will follow quickly.

If there is one thing Megan Moroney does effortlessly, it is writing songs that are for the girls, and this one is no exception.

It’s safe to bet that this single, along with “Tennessee Orange,” will appear on the album she has teased working on. I am hoping that other teased singles like “Georgia Girl” see their moment on the tracklist as well.

Although she has not announced a release date for her debut record, I am highly anticipating what we will see there. There is speculation among fans it could be near St. Patrick’s day due to some four-leaf clovers in her Instagram caption.

Moroney has definitely grown a cult following as she came into the limelight, and continues to play her cards well.

“I’m Not Pretty”

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