Megan Moroney Teases Clip Of New Song “Georgia Girl,” Says Debut Record Is On The Way

Meg Moroney

New Megan Moroney music seems to be on the horizon.

Megan put up a clip of a demo on Instagram titled “Georgia Girl,” and I’m sensing a mild theme here with southern states after her release of “Tennessee Orange.”

In the Instagram caption, the up-and-coming artist states:

Since I’m back home.”

I have listened to this clip a gross amount of times in the hour that it has been up.

The chorus is so catchy, going from state to state about the wrongdoings a man had done to girls in each state. The ending line of “you’re gonna learn you don’t mess with the Georgia girl.” is the perfect way to wrap up the chorus.

Earlier this month, Moroney also took to social media to announce that she has been in the studio working on an album.

“My first full record is on the way happy to announce it’s country as shit.”

I know that Megan Moroney has been a stand-out artist for me this year, and it’s great to see her getting the recognition she deserves from fans. Outside of her phenomenal voice, she is a brilliant songwriter.

And as a young artist, she has a very, very bright future.

And… Megan, if you’d like to release “Georgia Girl” as a single sooner rather than later, that would be fantastic. I need a little more than your teaser clip.

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