Dallas Stars Fan With A Bowl-Cut Mullet Picks A Fight & Gets ROCKED: “Hey, Little Boy”

Dallas Stars fan

Mess with the bull, and you’ll get the horns.

The Dallas Stars have had a lot to celebrate so far this season. They’re first in the Central Division, and are one of the best teams in the NHL.

Last night, they defeated the Minnesota Wild 4-1…

However, maybe the bigger beatdown occurred in the stands at last night’s game.

Video footage has surfaced of a dude who weighs about 110 pounds soaking wet trying to pick a fight with another fan in the stands.

You can hear him say from the get go:

“How about you step down here and I’ll box your ass?”

Needless to say, the guy was begging for the smoke. However, he forgot one of the first unwritten rules of stadium fighting…

NEVER pick a fight when you’re on lower ground to your opponent. Seriously, we’ve seen this happen time and time again, and it always ends poorly for the guy on the lower ground.

And if that ridiculous haircut wasn’t already a dead giveaway this pipsqueak probably has a bevy of racial slurs in his regular vocabulary, he calls the man the n-word…

BIG mistake.

Sure enough, the fan in the polo showed off the dad strength and wasn’t putting up with the BS anymore, and landed a punch to the face. Just squared him up perfectly.

Granted, it wasn’t the best punch and surely wasn’t the quickest, but it connected flush.

The scrawny dude stumbles backwards and then tries to fight back, but the other fan grabs his jersey and it was ballgame. I mean, just manhandled him from the jump.

Not to mention, the guy’s girlfriend jumps in and fights better than he does.

And if that wasn’t all embarrassing enough, some other fans keep calling him a “little boy” while he’s pinned down in the seats. And you just know that stings…

Once he realized he messed up, he tries to play the victim card, saying:

“I ain’t done sh*t! He hit me first right? … No f*ck that, he hit me first right?”

Time to go home my guy.

And cut that hair…

I mean, a regular mullet that is well-maintained is a thing of beauty, but this bowl-cut look? It just screams meth dealer…

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