Carly Pearce On Post-Grammy Celebration After Big Win: “I Didn’t Think I Was Drinking, But Now I Am!”

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I have a feeling that Ashley McBryde and Carly Pearce are still on cloud nine after their big Grammy win.

The girls both won their very first Grammy award Sunday evening in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance category for their #1 hit “Never Wanted To Be That Girl,” and in my opinion, gave an all-time great acceptance speech in the process:

“We won a Grammy…. holy shit!”

And of course, it was an extremely exciting and impressive accomplishment, one that most artists spend their entire careers hoping they’ll eventually achieve.

For Carly, with it being her first nomination, that was more than a dream come true, and in her post-win press interview, she noted that all the time she’s put in to get here has made her all the more grateful to be where she is now:

“This is my first nomination, too… that was enough, more than enough! So it’s nuts.

This has always been what I wanted, and took me a while in Nashville, and I’m so grateful for the journey, because I just appreciate it so much.”

She also added that it certainly hasn’t been an easy journey, and that she never expected her incredible 2021 album 29: Written In Stone to be the one that changed her life:

“I definitely don’t want to stand here and say that it’s been easy… it was terrifying. And I didn’t think in a million years that this would be the outcome.

That this would be the album that changed my life, but I didn’t want to not be honest, and I feel like what I’ve done is give a face to my generation and to the younger generations that, if you’re in a situation that isn’t serving you anymore, who cares what society tells us. Choose yourself.

And I’ve chosen myself over the last few years, and I’m really proud that I have. And I’m really proud to stand on music that says something, like a song like this one. This is not the typical radio single. This is not the typical song that gets recognized, but it’s real.”

Amen to that, Carly.

And I think you could tell during the interview that she was still in shock over the win, and when asked what her post-win celebration plans were, it sounds like she and Ashley were gonna tear up the town (and deservedly so):

“Well, I didn’t think I was drinking, but now I am! So I’m gonna go find me some drinks.”

A girl after my own heart…

A huge congratulations to Carly on this very exciting career milestone, and here’s to manny more Grammy’s in her future:

“Never Wanted To Be That Girl”

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