The Next Yellowstone Prequel, ‘1944,’ Is Officially In Development

Harrison ford Yellowstone 1923

If you thought the Yellowstone prequel series 1923 was ending in that time period, think again…

Because there’s a sequel to the show called 1944 in the works as we speak, adding yet another show to the universe of Taylor Sheridan.

According to The Billings Gazette, Tom Prince, executive vice president of production at 101 Studios and partner with Paramount for Yellowstone, made the announcement:

“Of course, we’ve got 1923, we’ve got the sequel, we’re not letting the cat out of the bag, it’s going to be called ‘1944.’

My guess is that it’ll be shooting largely in the Bitterroot Valley because it has to take place at what is Chief Joseph Ranch.”

The Chief Joseph Ranch is the real life ranch they use to shoot Yellowstone, located in Darby, Montana.

Prince also weighed in on the success of Yellowstone:

“It’s an enormous hit, not just in the United States. I was just in Europe two weeks ago. They talked about it in London, I’m like ‘how the hell do you know about Yellowstone in London?’

It’s a big, big show. And it’s the highest quality of television being made right now.”

It’s been insane watching the rise in popularity Montana has seen, simply from Yellowstone and its prequel series.

A recent study from the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research and UM’s Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research discovered that the series brought the state of Montana around 2.1 million visitors, and $730 million in spending in 2021 alone.

Prince continued:

“We spent $75 million last year just in the Bitterroot Valley on housing in hotels, and wages and bars. We also do a little television series called ‘1923’ that was shooting in Butte. We’re going to draw up about the same amount of money up there.

So this is our third year coming up to Montana. We came out two years ago when we moved out of Utah. We used to shoot at 75-80% in Utah for the first three seasons, and we’d come up to Montana to shoot the Chief Joseph Ranch.

When COVID hit, Utah pulled their rebates and Taylor Sheridan said, let’s move the whole thing up to Montana. And I don’t think it’s a surprise the viewership has spiked.”

And you have to imagine that those numbers will only jump even further, once 1944 is officially completed.

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