Jason Kelce’s Wife Is Bringing Her OB/GYN To The Super Bowl Because She’ll Be So Close To Her Due Date

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When your husband is playing in the Super Bowl and you’re 38 weeks pregnant, I guess you have to be prepared for anything.

And Kylie Kelce, wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, is bringing along her OB/GYN to the big game in Glendale, Arizona next Sunday, just in case… seriously.

Better safe than sorry, right?

I mean, even just for the sake of peace of mind, it seems like a good call on her part. There’s going to be a lot of excitement that day, and it’s definitely a possibility that she could at least go into labor being so close to the due date.

And since she’ll be so far from home, I’m sure it will at least be comforting to know her doctor’s right there with her. The life of an NFL wife, I tell ya what…

Of course, one of the big storylines of Super Bowl 57 has been of her husband Jason and his brother, Travis Kelce, who’s a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, being the first pair of brothers to ever face off against each other in a Super Bowl.

Needless to say, it will be a family affair for sure, and on an episode of their New Heights podcast yesterday, Jason told Travis it has the potential to be a “super Kelce Bowl” if the baby happens to come that day, adding that it would be proof that the NFL is scripted if Kylie gives birth there (which is pretty far-fetched, but I guess anything’s possible?):

“Kylie’s bringing her OB because she’s going to be 38 weeks pregnant at the game. That could be a super Kelce Bowl.

If she has a baby in the stadium, it’s officially scripted.”

Jason also said that Kylie’s parents will be there, along with daughters Elliotte Ray and Wyatt. Jason and Kylie have been married for five years, and their baby on the way is another girl.

Of course, Travis thought it was hysterical that the doctor was coming along with the family, replying to his brother:

“Dude, dude!…We’re in ‘The Matrix.’ There’s no fucking way.”

Sounds like a pretty good deal for the OB, if you ask me…

The Eagles and Chiefs will face off in Super Bowl LVII on February 12th, with the game airing on FOX.

The full episode:

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