Chris Young Is Reportedly The “Famous A**hole” Who Inspired The Title Of Elle King’s New Album, ‘Come Get Your Wife’

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Is Elle King calling out the “Famous Friends” singer, Chris Young?

Elle released her new album last week cleverly titled, Come Get Your Wife, which she previously said was inspired by something someone once said to her longtime partner, Dan Tooker.

She explained in an Instagram post that she was beating this mystery man in a game:

“The title of this record came because some famous asshole tried to shout ‘Come get your wife,’ and I was like, ‘I’m not even married,’ just because I was kicking his ass in a game.

I was like, ‘Ha ha wouldn’t it be fun if I called my record that?’ So I did.”

However this week, Page Six revealed that the aforementioned “famous asshole” who made the comment was none other than Chris Young, who competed against Elle on an episode of Blake Shelton and Carson Daly’s Barmaggedon game show on USA.

And after the two played a series of “bar style” games, and Elle proceeded to kick Chris’s ass, he yelled across the room to Elle’s partner, “come get your wife!”

And while Elle talked a lot of shit herself during the episode, seemingly brushing off the comment and using it to name her album, others say that Chris Young took it too far:

“I’m sure the network will cut it up to make him not look that bad, but once she started kicking his ass in the bar games and shit talking like the guys were doing, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was seeing red.

He called her names and then even yelled over her head to a guy who was with her that he better ‘Come get your wife.’ What was he even gonna do? So stupid. The whole crew saw and heard it.”

The show was reportedly tape din April of last year, but this particular episode aired recently. The comment was not featured on the episode.

Carson also reportedly said that Chris was the most competitive guest on the show.

Elle referenced the inspiration behind the title in another post announcing the release of the album:

“Remember that one time I was beating some asshole at a game and he yelled, “Come get your wife!” to my partner!?!? And I’m not even married! Lol.

Thanks for the album title, babe. Each track comes from influences of all genres, and I now know country music is where I belong.”

You can watch a clip from the show, where Chris and Elle face off in a game of Air Cannon Cornhole:

Elle’s new album, Come Get Your Wife, is out NOW.

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