Sundy Best Reveal Tracklist For Upcoming Album, ‘Feel Good Country’

Sundy Best
Dalton Stevens

Sundy Best hasn’t released an album in over six years, but that’s all about to change.

The Prestonburg, Kentucky duo of Kristofer Lee Bentley and Nicholas Jamerson released their last album Almar Sky in 2016, culminating a prolific four year stretch that included four albums, a live album, several singles, and a rapidly growing fanbase that catapulted them to the forefront of the Appalachian music scene.

All of this momentum was put on ice in early 2018, though, when Sundy Best announced that they’d be breaking up.

Long time friends, both Jamerson and Bentley pursued separate musical endeavors for several years prior to announcing the band was getting back together in 2020, and shortly thereafter, returning to playing shows together as Sundy Best. They began releasing music again in 2022, and towards the end of the same year, Sundy Best finally announced their next full-length record Feel Good Country, slated to be released on February 3rd, 2023.

The duo released the album’s lead single “Walk by Faith” featuring Mac Powell last February, and never took their foot off the gas throughout the rest of the year, releasing three more singles for Feel Good Country before 2022 reached its end. Either Jamerson or Bentley contributed to the writing of each song, employing the talents of several other songwriters and the production skills of Levi Lowrey to complete the project.

Now, here we are just over a week away from the album’s release, and as anticipation continues to build at a rapid rate for the album’s release, Sundy best took to Instagram to let us in on the album’s full tracklist.

Check it out here:

“Feel Good Country”
“I Won’t Be Bothered”
“Winding Through the Woods”
“Right on Time”
“Walk by Faith”
“Bad Imagination”
“Above Ground”
“Stay With Me”

And as we await the release of the full record, here are a few of my favorite Sundy Best classics to hold everyone over until Feel Good Country drops on February 3rd.

“Hindman” – Almar Sky (2016)

“Painted Blue” – Bring Up the Sun (2014)

“Drunk Right” – Door Without a Screen (2013)

“These Mountains” – Almar Sky (2016)

“Until I Met You” – Bring Up the Sun (2014)

Well, I know I’ll be listening to Sundy Best nonstop as I await Feel Good Country February 3rd release.

If you like what you’ve heard, then you should, too…. these guys are the real deal.

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