Sundy Best Unveil Release Date For New Album ‘Feel Good Country’

Sundy Best
Dalton Stevens

If you were one of those recovering radio country music fans between the years 2010-2016, and was longing for some pure, authentic country music, there’s a good chance Sundy Best was one of the first bands you got acclimated to in the independent country scene.

I’ll never forget my buddy showing me the Kentucky-based group’s songs “Painted Blue,” “I Wanna Go Home,” and “Drunk Right,” and it was an eye opener for me, allowing me to realize there’s a whole other world out there besides the trap beat nonsense that was pumping through my local country radio station.

The band took a brief hiatus, but now, they’re BACK.

They toured this past year with Muscadine Bloodline, but front man Nicholas Jamerson recently announced he had a new album in the works titled Peace Mountain, and recently released the title track featuring fellow Appalachian Charles Wesley Godwin.

However, after today I can finally take a deep breath, because Sundy Best has announced that they have a brand new album on the way.

They made the announcement via Instagram, and it’s gonna be titled Feel Good Country, and it’s a 10 song album that’s slated to drop February 3rd next year.

Get ready, this oughta be a good one.

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