A North Carolina Distillery Plans To Age Bourbon… In Outer Space?

Bourbon space

If you ever watched Back to the Future Part II, then you know that they predicted we’d have flying cars by 2015.

Unfortunately, director Robert Zemeckis and Michael J. Fox got it all wrong, and here we are nearly eight years later, and still no flying cars…

However, we continue to find ways to get closer and closer to that utopian future that Back to the Future tried so desperately to create.

From automatic fast food restaurants where your food is created and given to you by robots, paying a boatload of money to fly to space with Jeff Bezos, and most recently…

Bourbon aged in space?

Yep, this is not a false alarm.

According to ABC 11, Mystic Farm and Distillery out of Durham, North Carolina is working on a new whiskey, dubbed Mystic Galactic.

The distillery hopes to work with companies like SpaceX, Inversion Space, Bank of America, and more to finance, design, test, and build vessels to send up five barrels of whiskey to outer space (Okay, Low Earth Orbit, but same difference), for one year for additional aging.

Jonathan Blitz, co-owner of Mystic, weighed in on the new project:

“We’re redefining what it means to make a rare spirit. Only about 1,300 people on the planet will ever have the opportunity to taste and own this piece of whiskey history. It’s the height of luxury and exclusivity, not to mention the first commercial product manufactured in space.”

Mystic says that they’ll pull the five barrels from stock that has aged for at least three years already.

You can order by placing a deposit of $75,000, as each buyer will get a nonfungible token to prove authenticity, and their right to ownership.

They’ll also get access to an app that shows them real-time mission data, along with admission to exclusive launch and reentry parties.

The remaining bottles will be sold at market price, and initial orders will be fulfilled.

State Rep. Zack Hawkins out of Durham expressed his excitement as well:

“The space barrels will be retrieved and returned to Mystic after reentry, putting North Carolina on the map as an innovative producer of ultra-premium bourbon whiskey.

This is an excellent example of the world-class products being made in our state and how we’re leading the way for the future.”

Get ready, by God.

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