Ryan Bingham Kicks Out People Fighting At His Show: “We Don’t Play That Sh*t”

Ryan Bingham country music

Fortunate he didn’t send them to the train station…

Ryan Bingham was playing a show last night in Denver, CO at Mission Ballroom when some members of the audience got a little out of hand.

While we don’t get to see any of the actual disturbance in the video, Ryan handled it like an absolute professional, immediately stopping the show, calling out the bad actors, and making sure security was on their way to handle it.

Side note, how does anyone get that carried away on a Wednesday night Ryan Bingham concert? The guy is incredible, but it’s not like he’s playing hard metal, in fact, it’s pretty damn from from it…

He addressed the crowd as the altercation was dealt with

“We don’t need that… we don’t play that shit.

You folks work too hard for your money, you pay good money to come see a good show and we ain’t gonna let no body bring us down.”

For a second there, I thought Rip might throw himself out of the rafters and handle this the Yellowstone way, but I’m sure the security team wasn’t too pleased to have to remove somebody and made it worth their time…

A stagehand comes over and bring Ryan a drink, at which point he toasts the audience.

That’s how you handle business.

Cheers to Ryan Bingham.

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