Dierks Bentley Drops New Single “Same Ol’ Me” From 10th Studio Album ‘Gravel And Gold’

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Dierks Bentley is BACK.

The country music mainstay announced his 10th studio album yesterday titled Gravel And Gold, sharing this heartfelt message to social media:

“It’s been a long road. A 20-year journey filled with highs and lows, twists and turns. My love for country music, that’s what’s always kept me going. Town to town, show to show, small clubs to packed arenas.

I worked hard, I took chances, went for things. The journey isn’t where I’ve been, it’s the thing I’ve carried with me into my 10th album. I wrote, I recorded. It wasn’t good enough. I threw it out and started over — twice. I had to get it right, for the fans, for me.

It had to be the best country music I ever made. Everyone showed up, my heroes and my friends. We did it together. It’s the love, the lessons, the gravel and gold.”

The album is slated to drop February 24th, and Dierks calls it “the best country music I ever made.”

Now, with that being said, the man himself dropped a brand new single from the project today, titled “Same Ol’ Me.”

Written by Dierks Bentley, Luke Dick, and Jon Randall, it’s a great opening song for his 10th studio album. It’s all about how even though it’s been a wild ride over the past 20 years, he’s still the same guy he’s always been.

The chorus speaks for itself:

“Same ol’ me with a hand on a Shiner
Same ol’ me and this old guitar
Same ol’ me on a new jetliner
Crashin’ it in to the same ol’ bar
If the neon’s off if the neon’s on
Same ol’ me playin’ all night long
Yeah, whatcha get is gonna be whatcha see
‘Cause, baby, I’m the same ol’ me”

You gotta respect a guy for going back to his roots, and that’s what this song is all about.

Check it out:

GRAVEL & GOLD Track List:

1. “Same Ol’ Me”
2. “Sun Sets In Colorado”
3. “Heartbreak Drinking Tour”
4. “Something Real”
5. “Still”
6. “Beer At My Funeral”
7. “Cowboy Boots” (Featuring Ashley McBryde)
8. “Gold”
9. “Walking Each Other Home”
10. “Roll On”
11. “All The Right Places”
12. “Ain’t All Bad”
13. “Old Pickup”
14. “High Note” (Featuring Billy Strings)

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