Comedian Andrew Santino Recalls Patrick Mahomes Drinking The Venue Out Of Coors Light At His Comedy Show: “And Then We Went Out”

Pat Mahomes Coors Light

I’ll admit, I used to be the guy who could live it up until 4 AM on a weekday morning, and proceed to go into work the next day and still be productive.

However, that was two years ago, and they weren’t lying when they said that old age can hit you like a freight train. Nowadays, I may be drinking on a weekend, and then hit 12 AM and I simply can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Seriously, it’s like it happened overnight.

Is it good for my health? Probably. But man, it’s tough being that guy who simply can’t hang anymore.

But, with that being said, star Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is now 27-years-old, and this is the proof that he has yet to hit that dreaded wall.

It’s also no secret that Pat Mahomes is a Coors Light fan. On his 25th birthday, he even had a Coors Light cake.

But just how much does Pat love cold Coors Light? A LOT…

Comedian Andrew Santino recently joined the Pardon My Take podcast, and recalled a wild story about Mahomes crushing some Silver Bullets.

The quarterback made an appearance at one of Santino’s shows in Dallas, Texas.

The comedian recalled the story like it was yesterday:

“He came for the first show, and he was like ‘Man so f*ckin’ fun,’ and he goes, ‘Alright, well then where do you want us now?’ And I was like, ‘Oh I’ll see you. I’m going to do the second show. You guys go have fun and I’ll see ya whenever.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I think we’re gonna stay for the second show.’

I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I thought for sure he would dip but he’s like, no, we want to stay. And the server comes up to me she’s like, ‘That’s your party right?’ And I was like ‘Yeah, whatever I’ll take care of the bill like whatever it is,’ she’s like ‘No no, no we’re comping everything anyway, I just want to let you know like we have someone that’s going to get more Coors Light, because Mr. Mahomes has finished all the Coors Light.

I’m not kidding when I say this, maybe 13 the first show, and maybe 10 the second show…. And then we went out.”

BIG Coors Light guy.

My guy was a case deep, and was STILL ready for more… that’s elite drinking right there. I mean hell, the dude drinks like a hillbilly lineman from Wisconsin.

Needless to say, Texas Tech prepares you for the real world.

You can check out the full clip here:

Of course, Pat’s known to have a little Coors Light on the golf course too.

That “swing juice, baby.”

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