Koe Wetzel Says “A Lot Of Older Women” Try To Kiss Him At Meet & Greets: “Full On Wet, Sloppy Stuff”

Koe Wetzel country music

Koe Wetzel has never been one to shy away from the truth.

And whether it be good, bad, or downright ugly, he’s always 100% himself, which is always what’s stuck out to me the most when it comes to his music.

He recently sat down with Buddy Logan for a chat on Radio Texas Live, where he discussed his recent fifth studio album Hell Paso, his forthcoming country album, as well as some of the wild meet & greets he’s experienced over the years.

It’s no secret that the ladies love Koe, and apparently, it’s ladies of all ages, as he told Buddy:

“I get a lot of older women that try to kiss me and stuff… and depending on how drunk I am, you know, I’ll kiss ’em back.”

Gotta love the honesty and the fact that these ladies are out here literally shooting their shot. What a story to tell your daughter or granddaughter after the show, amirite?

He also added it’s no simple peck on the cheek a lot of the time:

“Full on, wet sloppy stuff, you know? And I’m kinda sittin’ there just like well, you know, where’s your husband at?”

A fair question, indeed… girl’s night outs are gettin’ outta hand.

Buddy also ask Koe if he’s ever seen any wild tattoos fans have gotten in inappropriate places, and you know there was gonna be a story there, too.

Koe recalls a girl who got his first and last name permanently placed on each side of her butt, and she dropped her pants right in front of him at a meet & greet to show it off:

“I’ve had one girl, we were doin’ a meet and greet, and she just dropped her pants right there, and there it was, plain as day. It had ‘Koe’ on one cheek and ‘Wetzel’ on the other.

I was like shoutout to you, you know. I guess she took from all my albums, how I usually sign the front of ’em, it was just the signatures, ‘Koe’ on one side ‘Wetzel’ on the other.

It was big enough to read… I went to Pittsburg, so my education level’s not very good, but no, it was plain as day.”

Later in the interview, he also doubled down on the fact that “Cabo” is based on several true stories, so there ya have it…


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