Massive Sturgeon Jumps Out Of Water And Knocks A Kid Off A Tube In Maine


Head on a swivel.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of tubing.

Can we all just admit that it’s more fun for the people on the boat than it is for the people on the tube? I mean, you’re getting whipped around, bucked off over a wave, probably a concussion from knocking heads with the other people on the tube, or smacked in the face with a giants flying fish.

Ok, maybe that last one isn’t quite as common…

Sturgeon are a massive fish which are found pretty much all over the world. In North America, you can find them all the way up the Atlantic Coast, from the Gulf of Mexico to Newfoundland, Canada. They’re also found along the Pacific Coast, from California to Canada, as well as in a number of major lakes and river systems in the United States.

In Maine the Atlantic Sturgeon can grow to 12 feet and 800 pounds.

Sturgeon are one of the most unique and interesting fish out there when it comes to physical appearance. They have skin that looks prehistoric and scaly but it’s smooth. They look like they are from a different time and seeing them is always a treat.

Sturgeon love to jump out of the water, which is part of thrill of sturgeon fishing.

A person would never think a sturgeon jumping would be much of a problem. But, when you mix boating sports and a massive fish, there could be potential for some issues.

This family was out for a day of fun on the Kennebec River in Maine. A group of kids were having a good time ripping around the river on a tube behind a boat when, out of nowhere, a massive sturgeon comes flying out of the water and smacks right into the kids on the tube.

One of them flies off as the sturgeon makes its way back into the water.

What are the odds? Not very high.

Luckily the kids were unharmed, and left with one hell of a story from their day on the water.

Watch out for those flying sturgeon.

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