Viral Ohio State Fan Dubbed The “Peach Bowl Girl” Has Been Identified, Captures The Hearts Of Guys Around The Country

Peach Bowl girl

If you watched the entire Ohio State vs. Georgia game in Atlanta, Georgia for the Peach Bowl, then there’s a good chance you noticed one specific Ohio State fan that was sitting in the stands…

Yeah, that gorgeous brunette that the camera guys zeroed in on.

Needless to say, Twitter was going wild over this girl, and resulted in a number of responses like:

Now, with that being said, the girl has officially been identified as Catherine Gurd, an Xavier University lacrosse player.

She shared a video to her own TikTok account, confirming that she was indeed the girl that was in question at the Peach Bowl.

She captioned the video with:

“When you kick off 2023 with a new name.”

@catherinegurd1odd turn of events…♬ original sound – hard ahh audios fr🤞

She had also previously addressed the attention in an earlier TikTok clip, writing:

“POV your 3 seconds on tv somehow makes you go viral.”

@catherinegurd1 thanks❤️ @ESPN ♬ original sound – Beth Anne Brice

Each post has garnered over 4 million views on TikTok.

Of course, ol’ Gurd left the Peach Bowl in heartbreaking fashion, as the Buckeyes blew an 11-point third quarter lead, and kicker Noah Ruggles hooked the ever livin’ hell out of a last second 50-yard field goal to win the game.

They ultimately lost to the Bulldogs by a score of 42-41.

South Carolina Trolls Clemson & Tennessee Before Orange Bowl

Man, this one hurts.

Being a die hard Clemson fan, watching arch rival South Carolina beat the Tigers and ruin their College Football Playoff hopes was some next level pain.

I mean seriously, the Gamecocks haven’t beaten Clemson since 2013, and I’d almost forgot what it felt like.

And on top of that, South Carolina ruined Tennessee’s College Football Playoff hopes the week before.

Needless to say, they were some certified heartbreakers during the final stretch of the season for Clemson and Tennessee fans.

And of course, naturally, Tennessee and Clemson are gearing up to play each other in the Orange Bowl here shortly.

You already know there were several tweets from Carolina fans flaming both fanbases, as I saw tweets from USC fans saying stuff like:

“They should change the name to the ‘Sons of Shane Beamer (USC head coach) Bowl'”

With that being said, USC came up with the ultimate troll, knowing that two teams they beat were playing against each other in a bowl.

Earlier this evening in Miami, a plane flew over Hard Rock Stadium while the Tigers and Volunteers were warming up, with a banner that read:

“Enjoy your bowl game- Gamecocks”

Savage.. talk about kicking a team when they’re already down.

As much as it pains me to say, this was a pretty damn good petty move by the Gamecocks.

JJ McCarthy’s Dad Appeared To Touch His Girlfriend’s Butt At Fiesta Bowl

It was an absolute barnburner at the Fiesta Bowl.

In a rather shocking upset, the 3-seed TCU Horned Frogs walked into State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and came out victorious against the 2-seed Michigan Wolverines.

TCU jumped out to an early lead, and while JJ McCarthy and the Wolverines brought it to within 3 after a combined 44-point third quarter between the two teams, Max Duggan and the boys held them off for a 51-45 victory, punching TCU’s ticket to the College Football National Championship.

The highest scoring game in Fiesta Bowl history also featured a record-setting 59-yard field goal from Michigan kicker Jake Moody.

TCU will take on the defending champion Georgia Bulldogs in the National Championship game on Monday, January 9th.

Wolverine quarterback JJ McCarthy stayed on the field to watch TCU celebrate, already focused on returning next year.

However, the heartbreaking defeat might not be the worst part of JJ McCarthy’s night.

Why? Well because his girlfriend went mega-viral in the stands… and so did his dad… for all the wrong reasons.

The starting quarterback’s girlfriend getting a lot of airtime is nothing new in college football. We all remember Brent Musburger fawning over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (now wife) and former Miss Alabama USA, Katherine Webb, during the 2013 BCS National Championship Game.

ESPN made a habit of panning to McCarthy’s parents, and his girlfriend, Katya Kuropas, who immediately became internet famous.

However, it appears that McCarthy isn’t the only fan of his girlfriend, because ESPN messed around and caught I wild video of McCarthy’s dad seemingly touching her butt while celebrating a Michigan touchdown:

Granted, it’s impossible to know what’s going on for sure, it’s a short clip, but the evidence seems pretty damming. It looks as if he’s trying to be sneaky about touching her inappropriately… just a little finger.

But boy, nothing gets past Twitter… and they ran wild with it, calling him out for being a creep.


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