HARDY Makes Appearance In The WWE Ring, Smacks Solo Sikoa Across The Back With Guitar

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HARDY has had one helluva past few months.

It’s no secret that the guy is becoming mainstream country music’s favorite outlier, as he’s finally reaping the benefits of his success as a songwriter, and making a major name for himself as a solo performer.

Hell, if you want proof, just go to one of his shows. Those fans are about as rabid as they come, and the fanbase is growing more and more everyday with his unique mix of country music and hard rock.

And if you want to know what I’m talking about, listen to one of his latest singles, “The Mockingbird & THE CROW,” one of the lead singles and the title track for his upcoming half country, half rock album, slated to drop January 20th:

“Okay for real, so I thought my record was done two weeks ago. I’ve had this idea for a long time, called ‘the mocking and the crow.’

Just about how, the dichotomy between the two, and all my life I’ve always driven down the road and you see like a crow flying through the air and you see a mockingbird, like peckin’ at the crow. And I’ve always wanted to write that idea.

And since this album’s gonna be a half country and half, like rock album, I always wanted it to be a part of this album, and I ended up never writing the song. But I woke up today at like two in the afternoon and Jordan had a rock beat filled out, so I threw this idea out, and I was like, I really think this song could really tie the record together.

So we wrote a song, like a seven minute song today called ‘the mockingbird & THE CROW.’ And the song starts with like ‘mockingbird,’ and how I’m from Mississippi, which the state bird is the mockingbird, and how I’m the crow, and I repeat things that I’ve heard my whole life, and thats part of my songwriter thing and who I am.

And then the song slowly transitions into the crow, which is the rock and roll character that flies his own path, just like as the crow flies and that whole thing, and so we wrote it today. And Joey and Seth freaked out over the idea.

And we are rolling down the road at 10 after 11 tonight  and we’re gonna do vocals on ‘the mockingbird & THE CROW.’ And that is the album title for my next album.”

And on top of that, HARDY and his bandmates were involved in a terrible tour bus accident that left a number of them in the hospital.

But, in continuation of HARDY’s wild past few months, the man also made an appearance on WWE last night as well in Nashville.

In the footage, you can see Solo Sikoa absolutely obliterating fellow wrestler Elias.

However, while Sikoa has his back turned, HARDY sneaks into the ring and grabs a guitar. He sneaks up right behind Sikoa, and smacks the ever livin’ hell out of him across the back…

And HARDY nearly immediately regrets his decision, as he quickly runs back out of the ring.

Of course, it’s all staged and for good fun, but ya gotta respect ol’ HARDY getting in on the WWE action.

Check it out:

Hardy will also perform “Sold Out,” the official theme song of the Royal Rumble, at the upcoming Royal Rumble at the end of this month:

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