Kid Catches The First Fish Of His Life, And It’s A 13-Foot Sawfish

Sawfish Florida

Go get yourself a lottery ticket because luck is running high today…

This just doesn’t happen.

Sawfish are an endangered species in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act. Their population estimates across the world only range from as few as 200 or up to 5,000, so it’s still difficult to know if the population is still declining or has stabilized.

Every now and again, a video pops up of an ocean fisherman accidentally catching one, and it is always a treat.

Also known as carpenter sharks, these creatures are actually part of the ray family, and are known for their long saw-like nose. The saw on their face is used for a number of things such as digging, and as a defense mechanism to protect against sharks. However, they can also detect electric fields with it to help them track down prey and avoid predators.

Averaging about 18 feet, but can as big as 25, they are typically found in shallow, coastal waters, especially around Florida in the United States.

A fish so cool and so rare is not typically someone’s catch ever, let alone their first. But, I would imagine if it was, it would have a fella hooked for life (no pun intended).

This guy was out for a night fish for his first time ever. Yup, dude never caught a fish before in his entire life.

As the monster gets in close to shore the group of guys realize what it is and excitement and disbelief take over.


Oh my gosh.”

They can’t believe the catch and neither can I.

Even the guy holding the real is trying to understand the impact of what is on his line right now, when the guy filming says:

“There’s like 500 of them left in the world.”

That’s some pretty awesome stuff.

And thankfully, these fellas released the sawfish and reported it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It’s important to report sawfish sightings to wildlife experts can monitor the population.

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A beer bottle on a dock