Deer Comes Flying Through Bus Windshield, Stands Up And Walks Out The Door

Deer bus crash

Whew, that was a close one.

Well, it was more than close but at least no one got hurt outside of the deer.

Deer have a rough go of it. From the time they are born just about everything that can hunt them is on them hard. Not particularly strong, or ferocious, they also just so happen to be a great meal size, and are pretty tasty too. A young fawn just checks all the boxes for a predator… easy to get, good portion size, and a great source of the nutrition they need.

Mature deer however, on average weigh around 150-pounds, making them still rather manageable for most predators to take down, but large enough for more than one meal.

And then when nature doesn’t get to them, there’s a human sitting in a tree waiting for one to walk by. If they make it past them and try to cross the road they likely will get hit by a car or in this case… a school bus.

This Virginia school bus was taking kids home after a long day of school. The security camera captured it all on video.

The bus smokes a deer who comes right through the windshield like a rocket and lands directly on top of a kid who appears to be napping in the front seat.

The deer flails around as the bus driver stops and opens up the door. The deer gets itself gathered up and takes off right on out the door like it had done this before.

I can’t belief this thing wasn’t dead on impact, but perhaps the most hilarious part is that the kid doesn’t seem to have any clue what is going on. His head is completely down, buried in his hoodie as he catches a snooze on the way home.

The kid finally looks up and sees a deer exit the bus, probably under the impression that he’s still dreaming.

There’s a whole lot going on here and it’s all pretty wild.

Be careful out there in deer country.

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